Specialty dairy products

Created by us with passion and responsibility, from cow’s milk that we feed on the best and take care of it with dedication. All our products are 100% integral, Romanian and natural. Safe dairy products of our times, made with respect for tradition, nature and people.

Cow’s milk

100% natural
3.8% - 4.1% fat

From our farm, we bring you fresh Cow’s Milk, packed in glass bottles within hours from milking, without air or human contact. That’s the reason why we built the dairy factory right across our farm. This milk is exactly as the cow gives it, whole, unstandardized, with a variable fat content between 3.8 and 4.1%. This makes it tasty and balanced, the way nature created it at its best. Even if spirits get high when coming to taste, we prefer to keep a low temperature for pasteurisation process and just for a few seconds, in order to preserve all the natural nutritive substances. 100% natural, without powder milk or other additives and only from our own farm, cow’s milk comes to you in glass bottles. We chose this material because we like to be transparent and use the best quality items in every step of the production process.

Natural yoghurt

100% natural
5% fat
from pasteurised milk
300 g

From tasty cow’s milk and a little cream we created natural yoghurt; only milk, cream and lactic cultures. We retained the sweet taste of milk in fresh and tasty yoghurt, with no powder milk, no preservatives or additives and no added proteins. We present it in sealed glass jars of 300g, not too much, not too little – better to have more than not to have enough!

Sana (ethnic product)

100% natural
3% fat
375 g

Discover our fine and creamy sana, perfect for a snack! Produced from good and moderately-fat milk (only 3% fat), this sana becomes the perfect match for a quick snack with a bagel or pastry. As it is a natural product with no milk powder, added protein, stabilisers or additives, the whey may separate. Just shake the bottle to mix it and it’s ready to drink.

Sour buttermilk

100% natural
2% fat
375 g

Here comes the sour buttermilk, in a minute you can drink! With only 2% fat and utterly delicious, this sour buttermilk is the fresh dose meant to stave off cravings and hunger, especially when “accompanied” by pastries or porridge. As it is a natural product with no milk powder, added protein, stabilisers or additives, the whey may separate. Just shake the bottle to mix it and it’s ready to drink. Check out your milk “moustache”!

Fresh cream

100% natural
33-36% fat
400 g

Being 100% natural, sourced from fresh milk from cows, the fine cream from Lăptăria cu caimac has no additives or stabilizers and is pasteurized at a low temperature. Having a slight smell of hay and a fine texture, thinner, but creamy enough to mesmerize you as soon as you open the lid, it will entice you to cook various meals, be them quick and easy, creamy, salty or sweet. Whether you were holding a whisk and you used this weapon to get the best and most dazzling display, adding also lemon squeeze to get the result you wanted, or you treated it gently and added it in a delicious pasta sauce, the fresh cream from Lăptăria cu caimac enables you to break boundaries, irrespective of your cooking experience. You can easily use it in sauces, soups, aromatic or spicy creams, desserts or ice creams. Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Sweetened condensed milk

100% natural
9% fat
240 ml

From whole cow’s milk, obtained via evaporation, with a little added sugar, the sweetened condensed milk from Lăptăria cu Caimac has a rich, velvety and creamy texture. With a silky and delicate caramel taste, the kaymak milk can become the perfect well-deserved treat. You can drink it as such or mix it with cookies, when you are craving something sweet, try it cold and refreshing, or simply poured into your coffee, when you want to go for that extra special taste. Hot or cold, added in sauces, mixtures, cakes and countertop creams, the sweetened condensed milk from Lăptăria cu caimac is so versatile that it will immediately become your go-to ingredient for any delicious dessert recipe: from simple and refined to full-on sophisticated.

Dink yoghurt

100% natural Romanian product
1.9% fat

Here’s a sour yoghurt ready to drink! With only 1.9% fat and extremely tasty, it represents the fresh dose, meant to satisfy your appetite, especially if you “accompany” it with pastries or a hot polenta. Being a natural product, without powdered milk, added protein, stabilizers or additives, the whey may separate. All you have to do is shake the bottle a little bit to blend and it’s ready to eat it. Get ready to have “mustaches” of milk!

Refreshing yoghurt

100% natural
0.1% fat
375 g

100% natural, made from cow’s milk, without additives or stabilizers, pasteurized at low temperature, Cool yogurt is a yoghurt drink, thin, supple, made from skim milk, but absolutely delicious and not at all sour!

Enjoy it cold at any time of the day, but especially when the summer heat overwhelms you and makes you very, very thirsty!

Add two ice cubes, a cucumber, a mint leaf and look how you have a cool cocktail and mmmm…, delicious for the bellies of future mothers, for dads, but also grandparents.

Yoghurt of 10

100% natural
10% fat
190 g

100% natural, made from whole cow’s milk in which we added a little cream, without stabilizers or additives, pasteurized at low temperature.

With 10% fat, 10 yogurt from Lăptaria cu Caimac is a fine, creamy yoghurt with a sweet-sour taste. It has a firm curd and a rich, pleasant texture.

According to gourmets adult as well as small and energetic children with high caloric needs: when you are thinking of cream, but you would prefer something lighter.

Deliciously simple or with fresh or candied fruit, sweet or salty bakery products, biscuits in soup, over polenta, papanas or sarmale.

“Chubby” sour cream

100% natural
min. 35% fat
190 g

With the same care and passion for to create new recipes, we created the “chubby” sour cream. Extracted from natural cow’s milk, it has a minimum of 35% fat. Unlike regular sour cream, it has a perfectly-balanced taste: not too sour and sweet enough. Tasty, very unctuous and ideal for bread spread, it even has kaymac – a top layer of cream thicker than the rest of it in the jar. Either on top of a portion of hot stuffed cabbage or fancily placed near cheese and polenta or incorporated in the finest cake cream, it must be used with moderation!

Little yoghurt

100% natural
2.7% fat

100% natural, with only 2,7% fat content, “iaurt mic” (little yoghurt) Lăptăria cu caimac has a fine, smooth texture and a balanced sour taste. Whether you choose it for breakfast, a fulfilling snack between meals, before hitting the gym or even dinner, iaurt mic (little yoghurt) addresses small appetites and cares for slim figures!

Iaurt mic (little yoghurt) is fresh, tasty and healthy. Try it plain or in any combination it crosses your mind: from chia seeds to cashew nuts, fruit, crackers or over your light tuna salad. It will soon become girls favorite: you can easily slip it in your office bag, or in your school bag. Don’t forget the spoon!

Ciocolată-n lapte

100% natural
from pasteurised milk
240 ml

RăsfățCiocolată-n lapte is the first product of the new range of desserts created by Lăptăria cu Caimac.

A dessert drink for moments you feel like being spoiled or to spoil someone dear made of genuine Belgian chocolate of single origin cocoa sustainably produced in Vietnam*.

100% natural & delicious, with a perfectly balanced sweetness, this drink can be enjoyed plain either warm, on a chilly morning with fresh bread and butter, or cold when you are thirsty, but you long for a treat as good as a cuddle.

The dark, creamy chocolate blends perfectly with the white, fresh, whole cow’s milk, to create a tasty, soft and rich treat, ready to drink.

First shake it firmly and get your energy kick!

It is a unique product and just like all of our other ones, it is 100% natural, with no additives, artificial flavours or preservatives.

It’s great for older kids, hype teenagers or adults with refined taste buds!

* Vietnam 73 is a single origin dark chocolate, with a distinguishable taste perfected by acid cocoa notes, alongside citrus, tobacco and wood aromas. It is a Trinitario cocoa beans chocolate , carefully selected from the Mékong Delta Region, fermented in special facilities, following strict fermentation standards.

Dried curd cheese

100% natural
from pasteurised milk

Dried curd cheese is the milk’s taste statement! We “convert” 12 litres of cow’s milk for each kilogram of curd cheese, to obtain its fine and pleasant taste, the way children prefer. With just a tiny bit of salt, after scalding it, we left it to dry for almost 2 weeks in order to make it creamy and worthy of its name. Choose it for nutritious snacks, sprinkle it over pizza or risotto or just have it as such, next to healthy vegetables. As you know by now, all our products are produced from natural milk and only from our own farm. We do not use powder milk, added protein, stabilisers or preservatives. Haven’t you tasted our Dried curd cheese yet?

Heart of cheese

100% natural
Combined Shape aged up to 60 days
made with pasteurized milk

With an intense taste of milk, miez de brânză is the goodness  of cheese, the very heart where you can even sense the kaymak

After we let it age up to 60 days, we obtained a semi-hard  cheese, with a smooth and silky texture nested in a natural crust

This cheese will surprise you from the moment you taste it with its delicate flavour and its creamy consistency. It will remind you of the best part of the cheese chunk that you always save for the last bite.

Cut it in little cubes on a platter for a friends night over accompanied by cool white or red wine. Add it to the sandwhiches you prepare for yourself and your loved ones or even grate it or incorporate it to the dishes you enjoy to cook!