Quick ice-cream with raspberry, yoghurt and thyme


300g yoghurt

400g raspberry

2 bananas

2 teaspoons of agave syrup

3-4 sprigs of fresh thyme


Freeze the bananas and raspberry overnight. The next day they will be just right for a fast and delicious yoghurt ice-cream. In a blender, add the yoghurt fresh from the fridge, the bananas, raspberry, thyme leaves and the agave syrup and mix. It will have a beautiful colour and a creamy consistency. For firmer ice-cream fit for ice-cream cones, leave the composition to sit in the freezer at least half an hour. The little ones will adore it. Bon appétit!

This recipe was created by Pancake Planet, who chose our 100% natural dairy products for the preparation of this delicious dessert. Happy to see how our yoghurt turn into dishes made with skill and respect for ingredients and taste, we thank them for choosing us for this recipe that we share with you.

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